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DUI Attorney in Vancouver, Washington… Do I know one?  We must get that question at least 20 times per week.  The answer is YES.  We Know a few really good dui attorneys in Vancouver.  I can’t tell you who is better based on my personal use of them, but due to our large client base we have had the opportunity to learn what makes a good dui attorney.  About 75% of our customers use a court provided public defender.  Public Defenders work hard- so hard they are overworked, which doesn’t allow them to spend as much time as your case needs in order to get the best verdict.  Privately retained attorneys – DUI SPECIALISTS are worth what they cost, I would like to say they are worth their weight in gold, but a couple of them are bigger than me and that has to be a lot of money.

I am going to list the top three that we have noticed in our office that have given their clients the best results based on a few questions we ask them.  This list will be ever changing and growing as we become  more familiar with DUI Attorneys in Vancouver, Washington.  Also, if you want a personal referral you can call Tina @ Bail Bonds Vancouver 360-977-7379

Jack Green
Criminal Defense Attorney
1601 Lincoln Avenue,
Vancouver, WA 98660
Phone: 360.450.2434
Fax: 360.693.7081

Law Office of Matthew Philbrook

(360) 695-3309

201 Northeast Park Plaza Drive Vancouver, WA 98684

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